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The Legacy Drive

The Time has Come to Cement our legacy in stone

BGSU Rugby has seen so much support and success through the years, but this is only scratching the surface of our potential. The game has changed and modernized on its way to legitimacy, and the USA is hosting the World Cups in 2031 and 2033. This is our time to ensure rugby is, and always will be, an anchor program at Bowling Green State University and something we can be proud of for years to come

We have formalized the BGSU Rugby Alumni Association, forged a strong relationship with the University's BGSU Alumni Fund and Association, and are embarking on a campaign to solidify the future of rugby on campus and beyond.

Upcoming webinars

Join Chris Hopps, Kurt Weaver and Steve Devich for an informational webinar to learn more about the Alumni Association, The Legacy fund and the plans for the future of the club. 

đź“… Sunday, January 29th @ 7:00pm

To join, click this link:

Or by phone at:
+1 470-705-4284
PIN: 731 924 161#

đź“… Tuesday, January 31st @ 7:00pm

To join, click this link:

Or by phone at:
+1 470-705-4284
PIN: 731 924 161#

The Campaign

Although running up to 5 years, this campaign kicks off January 2023 and focuses on early success to get some priorities in place.

Our Priorities

This is a 5-10 year campaign meant to build our capacity, program and standing within the university and rugby community.

Honoring Roger
Naming the rugby field 'Roger Mazzarella Field', taking ownership on the space

Legitimacy with BGSU
Building a fund in the Alumni Endowment brings us to the table for all kinds of opportunity

Ensuring our Future
Building facilities and scholarships that ensure rugby is real and open to all

Why Now?

Initiatives have been discussed in the past, and our relationship with the University has always been a discussion. Why take this step now?

55 Years of Teammates
We have 55 years of men and women who share this legacy, and several angel donors to kick off the campaign

Scholarship, Facilities, Coaching, Travel, all these items are paramount to a successful program and they all take $.

The Next 10 Years
Rugby is on the cusp of rapid growth with Pro Rugby expanding and the World Cup coming in 2031 and 2033. We need to be on the front foot.


Name the field 

Naming The Field

To honor Roger's lifelong commitment to BGSU Rugby and our families
Roger's 53 years with the club have truly been the glue that has held us together. He is the engine that has driven us forward, the parent we needed when trouble arose, and the one who you want at your wedding and birth of your children. His steadfast commitment to this club deserves so much more than his name on a field, but this is a great start to show our love and thanks

Step 1: Set up the endowment and fund the initial amount for naming

Step2: Gather on May 6-7 at the Alumni Weekend in Bowling Green to honor Roger and officially name the field 'Roger Mazzarella Field'

How to Support

Make your contribution or commitment today, and help us lock in our legacy

Donate through our page using the form on this page

Make your generous donation to the BGSU Rugby Legacy Fund. Cash, Check, Stock, Annuity, Bequest; all donations accepted If you make one donation to BGSU Rugby, make it this one..

Multi-Year Commitment

Many of us cannot make the big $ contribution we would like all at once. Up to 5-year annual commitments count toward our fund goals, so contact us today to get you set up.

Corporate Gifts

Do you have a company or work with a company that will support this effort? We can set up a donation with tax benefits


BGSU Rugby Alumni Chair
Steve Devich '01

BGSU Rugby Alumni Vice-Chair
Kurt Weaver '01

BSGU Rugby Alumni Fundraising Lead
Chris Hopps '02

BSGU Alumni Association Contact
Danielle Parker


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